Bilha Miroyo
  • DOB: Mar. 20, 2000

    Bilha came to live with us in June 2005.

    She lived with her mother who worked as a barmaid. Her mother became ill and died. Bilha did not know what death was and thought her mother was asleep. Bilha continued to sleep with her mom in the bed they shared. Eventually neighbors noticed a foul smell coming from the house and went in to check. Bilha’s mother was later buried, but no relatives came to claim Bilha. She was abandoned to take care of herself. Bilha was later found and transferred to our orphanage at age 5.

    Bilha in grade 11 at Toloso Boarding High School where she is getting a good education.

    She enjoys dancing.

    Her favorite color is yellow.

    Her favorite subject is math.

    She comes from the town of Tororo.

    Bilha Miroyo

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