• DOB: Dec. 15, 2001


    Francis came to live with us in June 2005.

    Francis is the seventh child in a family of eight. His father, a truck driver, died in a road accident. In shock, the mother attempted to kill her children by setting the house on fire. All the children were rescued, but some had serious burns. In the mother’s inability to deal with the loss of her husband, she began walking around naked, was raped, and contracted AIDs. She later died giving birth to another child and all her children were dispersed to different orphanages. Francis lives with his sister, Maxmilla, at the Webuye Children’s Home

    He is grade 9 at Khasoko Boys Boarding High School and says he wants to be a Pastor one day.

    He enjoys making new friends.

    His favorite color is orange.

    He comes from the town of Kimait.

    Francis Oswaro

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