John Okwara
  • DOB: Mar. 18, 2002


    John was brought to the Encouragement Children's Home in 2007 at age five.


    John's father passed away and he was left with a very ll mother.  At  times the mother could become so sick that she could not support John and his older siblings.   He was seldom attending school as they lacked school fees and he would often ften stay off school in order to help the sick mother.  It was at this point that a Good Samaritan saw how the family was struggling to feed the children and they were being mistreated by neighbors. 

    John is in grade 11 at Khasoko Boys Boarding High School where he is doing well.

    He enjoys soccer.

    His favorite subject is Social Studies.

    His favorite color is blue.

    He comes from the town of Matulo.

    John Okwara

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