Macknon Wakasiaka

Macknon Wakasiaka


DOB: March 16, 2004


Macknon came to the Encouragement Children's Home in 2008.


He lived with the mother and siblings at the grandmother’s home.  The mother who is a house wife and there being no land for her to farm, it was hard to raise income to support them all.  Feeding was a problem and many times they would sleep on an empty stomach.   He was attending school but most of the time he would stay at home due to lack of school fees.


Macknon and two siblings were brought to the Encouragement Children's Home by an uncle who saw how the mother was struggling by herself to raise the children.

He is in grade 9 at Khasoko Boys Boarding High School and is doing well.

His favorite subject is Kiswahili.

His favorite color is Pink.

He comes from the town of Kakamega.

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