Maximilla Nakhone (Fully Sponsored)

Maximilla Nakhone (Fully Sponsored)


DOB: Feb. 13, 1999


Maximilla came to Encouragement Children's Home in 2005.


Maximilla's father had passed away in 2003 and she lived with her mother along with 8 siblings.  At the age of three she was badly burnt on the left arm.  The mother could not raise funds for her medical treatment and she had no source of income.  Maximilla together with her siblings lived in a home caught in poverty.   She wasn’t attending any school due to lack of funds.   The mother depended on her small farm to generate income to barely feed the family.  


Maximilla is now in College and wants to be a School Teacher.

She enjoys playing basketball.

Her favorite subject is Science.

Her favorite color is Yellow.

She comes from the town of Kimait.

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