• DOB: Sept. 3, 1995


    Proscovia cam to the Encouragement Children's Home in 2005.


    Scovia lived with her widowed and aging grandmother.   It was difficult for her to get food and education was out of the question.   Most of the time she helped the grandmother working in the fields to earn some money for foods.  She was rescued by the area pastor who brought her to the Encouragement Children's Home in Nambale in 2005 at age 10.   Considering the child’s age then and being a girl she was at a risk of being subjected to early marriages, pregnancy and child labour.

    She has now completed training at Matili Technical Institute in Cosmetology.


    She is excited about beginning an internship at a local Beauty Salon and one day opening her own shop.

    She enjoys singing.

    Her favorite color is Yellow.

    Her favorite subject is Hairdressing.

    She comes from the town of Nambali.

    Proscovia Muhonja - Graduated from Cosmetology School

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