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Encouragement Children's Home
Rescuing under age 5 Orphans since 2004
100% of Sponsorship Funds goes to the Children!

Christmas Presents Needed
  Each year we solicit donations for Christmas presents to be given to 94 orphans in Kenya & Uganda.  Your $30 donation will provide a new set of clothes, an age-appropriate toy and a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party on Christmas morning, with a special Christmas meal.

GOAL:  $2,820       RECEIVED: $120     NEEDED:  $2,700

 Kenya Orphan

             Uganda Orphan

Encouragement Children's Home
Webuye, Kenya  

  • 150,000 children under age five are Orphans in Kenya. 

  • 66% of the Orphans in Africa are so because of AIDS.

  • 99% of males & 86% of females
    born  with AIDS die before age one.

  • Every 30 seconds a child dies          from Malaria in Africa.

Encouragement Incorporated

A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization since 1990

Imagine if these were your kids

or grandchildren!

Sleeping in old Potato Bags.