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Kellistus S.

Kellistus S.


DOB: Sept. 30, 2004


Kellistus came to the Encouragement Children's Home in 2012 when he was 8 years old.


Kellistus' father died in 2004 through a road accident.   During that time the mother was pregnant with Kellistus.  She lives on a ¼ acre piece of land.   She was unable to fully provide for the whole family. He had begun schooling and was in class one.  However, his attendance was irregular as he was sent home most of the time due to lack of  his family paying the school fees.


He is in  enrolled at St. Luke's Boarding High School.  He is a bright young man ans has a great future ahead.

He enjoys soccer.

His favorite subject is Math.

His favorite color is Red.

He comes from the town of Milo.

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