Isaiah Musumbi -  (Fully Sponsored)

Isaiah Musumbi - (Fully Sponsored)


DOB: Apr. 6, 1995  (Word directly from Isaiah)


"I was brought to Encouragement Children’s Home in the year 2005 when I was 10 years old.   My parents had passed on due to tuberculosis infection.   My siblings and I moved in with my step mother.   We did not live there for long. My stepmother did not like us.  She used to torture us.  We did all the work around her house without going to school and on empty stomachs.   If we could not finish any work given she used to beat us up so mercilessly.  This is when one of my older brothers decided to build a small mud hut for us so that we could live there.   We helped each other until a Pastor in Nabali rescued my brother, George, and sister, Beatrice and I.  He took us to Encouragement Children’s Home in Nambali."



Isaiah is now enrolled in Bible College in Nairobi and is preparing for the Ministry.

He says he has a desire to be a Pastor in the future.

He enjoys running track.

His favorite color is red.

His favorite subject is Social Studies.

He comes from the town of Busia.

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