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Miriam N.

Miriam N.


DOB: May 24, 2006


Miriam was brought the Encouragement Children's Home in 2012 by a Pastor.


Miriam's father passed away and she was left with the mother who was unable to raise her.  The mother left Miriam with her aging grandmother.  She was attending school but it was irregular due to lack of school fees.  Miriam lived in a mud walled and grass thatched house.   She was infested with chiggers on her hands and legs.   She was taken for medication and all her basic needs where met.

Miriam is on Grader 8 (2022) and she says she wants to be a Teacher.

She enjoys laughing & smiling.

Her favorite color is Pink.

Her favorite subject is Kiswahili.

She comes from the town of Bungoma.

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    Donors will receive a monthly email from Miriam and be able to write to her also.
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