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Ruth M.

Ruth M.


Purity- 6 years old, Judy- 5 years old, Pauline- 4 years old, and Ruth- 3 years old all joined the Encouragement family on April 11, 2024.

These precious girls came from complete poverty. They were living in a 2 bedroom mud hut home with TWELVE people (3 adults and 9 kids). They had been sleeping on the ground in the dirt. They came with multiple medical issues- malaria, malnutrition,  infested with jiggers, and had severe rashes all over their bodies. They had been abandoned by their mothers and were left with elderly grandparents who were also struggling. The grandmother is an alcoholic and will use all the money on alcohol instead of food and basic needs for the kids. The grandfather is struggling as well with his health and is unable to care for all the kids in his house. The girls are already adjusting well here and we love them to pieces! 

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