Watch the Video - EMERGENCY FOOD - Youth Shelter
  • Due to the Coronavirus, the County of Kakamega, Kenya just declared our Youth Shelter as the only Shelter in Place for Abandoned Teens/Street kids.  The nation of Kenya has a curfew set for the hours of 5:00 PM until 7:00 AM daily.  Much like America, all the stores and offices are closed.   There are so many street kids coming nightly to our Shelter to spend the night and receive a meal. Many people who are on the streets after curfew are being beaten and some have even been shot and killed.   DONATIONS OF ANY SIZE ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.   ALL donations received here are being sent and used to FEED & HOUSE these teens.  We need $2,500 per month just for food.  God bless you for being as generous as possible!

    Watch the Video - EMERGENCY FOOD - Youth Shelter



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